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General Dentistry

The dental cavity (caries) is one of the most widely spread diseases of human species. The caries is caused by certain types of acid-producing bacteria which are fed with the remains of the food left in the mouth. The most suitable medium for the multiplication of the bacteria in the mouth are various carbohydrates and sugars. As a result of disintegration of the food in the mouth, the Ph value in the mouth decreases. The acids from the mouth demineralize the tooth enamel and at this point the way for the bacteria is open to begin to feed themselves with the organic components of the teeth until the pulp begins to necrotize and then the process continues in the bone structures beneath the tooth. This process ends with the complete deterioration of the tooth structure. The granuloma or the cyst are created in the bone under the tooth and in the end the edema and the tooth extraction are inevitable.

It is very important that the caries is healed in the initial faze when the whole process can be stopped with the relatively small intervention by a filling. In case the dental pulp is damaged, the acute inflammatory process begins which is followed by severe pains. In that faze, the tooth can still be saved by an extraction of the dental pulp and the obturation of the root canal. If the process is chronic the pain will be low in intensity or it won't be felt at all and the most of the patients won't go to the dentist at this point. In that case, the dental pulp necrotize and the process continues in the bone structures. Then the granuloma or cyst appears in the bone structures under the tooth which is the defensive mechanism of the organism to the presence of the bacteria and the infection. It is rare that in this faze the tooth can be healed by using the conservative methods and more often the surgical intervention is needed. Very often the process is so advanced that that the bone structures are destroyed to the point where the tooth can not be saved and the extraction is inevitable.

It is as important that the dentist knows his work as it is important that the modern materials are used in the treatment of the dental diseases and that the most recent developments in the dental technology are followed. It is also very important that all the procedures in the work with the modern materials are followed. The recent trends are that the amalgam fillings ( grey fillings) are abandoned and are replaced with the composite materials (white fillings). On the market today can be found many composite materials which vary in quality. The products of the well known manufacturers generally satisfy all the requirements that are expected from a filling. In other words that a filling can support the load to which it is exposed in the mouth during a long period, to satisfy the esthetic criteria and to preserve color during a long period of time.

In the "Car Dusan" dental office, we use only the materials of the well known manufacturers form the USA: KERR and DENTSPLY which have all the properties one can expect from a filling today.

In the "Car Dušan" dental office, we use only the most recent and the best quality dental materials.

Dr Darko Bujas

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