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Ceramic Bridges and Crowns


Ceramic bridges and crowns are non removable prosthetic devices. They are fabricated to replace the lost teeth, to protect the existing ones, for the reasons of esthetic, etc...

In order to make a metal-ceramic crown or bridge it is necessary to reduce in size the abutment teeth in all directions to accommodate the material used to restore the size and the shape of the original teeth. The reduction is about 1.5 to 3 mm. The teeth are reduced also to achieve correct alignment and contact with the opposing teeth. 

The metal is used as the basis for the ceramic (porcelain). This metal is a medical steal alloy Chrome-Cobalt-Molybdenum and is totally safe for organism. This alloy is used for the fabrication of some 90% of the bridges and the reason is its price. The gold or titanium could also be used as the basis for the ceramic bridges or crowns.

The crowns or smaller bridges in the frontal region can also be fabricated without the metal basis. (Non-metal ceramics).

There are lot of types of ceramics used in the fabrication of crowns and bridges. In our dental office we use one of the most recent generations of ceramic (porcelain), the Finesse ceramics. This type of porcelain is a low point melting porcelain that is treated at 730 degrees Celsius and has extraordinary characteristics which give the best esthetical results. One of the main characteristics of this type of porcelain is that the grinding of the teeth which are in contact with it is completely eliminated. With this type of porcelain it is also possible to fabric a non metal crowns and smaller bridges in the frontal region

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