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Valplast Dentures


Valplast flexible denture is a removable denture device made of special nylon fibers giving it flexibility. That is why they are very easy and comfortable to wear. Based on the experience in the clinical work the patients get used to this type of denture much faster and they support it much better. The hooks that are made of the same material as the denture itself are very discreet and almost invisible. They are also much less aggressive for the teeth on which they are hooked compared to the wire and metal hooks used with other types of dentures.

This type of denture has also plastic properties if it is warmed to more than 90 degrees Celsius. In order to preserve its elastic properties, this type of denture needs to be kept in the wet environment permanently (in the mouth or in the wet handkerchief). If it remains out of the wet environment for a longer period (4 months) it loses its elastic properties and becomes fragile.

,The material out of which this type of dentures is made is patented in USA at the end of the 50s but the technology for the fabrication of dentures form it was developed only recently.

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