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Dental Veneers

In the era of Hollywood films it is impossible not to notice that Mother Nature was kind to the actors and gave them a beautiful smile.   Their teeth are all equal,  symmetrical , snow white , almost perfect . It may  surprise you but nature has absolutely nothing to do  with this miracle of nature. It can be said that this is a miracle is created by masters of dental prosthetics . They  eliminate mistakes of the  nature and make Hollywood smile  out of an  average smile.

We know that in the world of modern communication first impression can be crucial. Since the modern world is characterized by a constant dynamism , we are forced to quickly assess people . In such an  assessment,  beautiful and healthy teeth make  a substantial part of the impression . In the end everyone  of us has at least once been "bought" by a nice smile .

We owe this metamorphosis to very thin flakes, which are also known as veneer or veneers . Veneers or veneers are thin flakes, thinner than nails that we glue to the front of the teeth with the special cement. This way veneers act as a mask and cover all defects in the teeth whether they are innate or acquired . veneers are very thin but when  attached  to the teeth they become very durable. Veneers perfectly mimic the natural appearance of the teeth and can change  appearance, color and position of the teeth , in short  a visible improvement in cosmetic appearance of teeth. In contrast to natural teeth, veneers are resistant to coffee, tea  and tobacco stains.

Applying veneers or veneering is considered minimally invasive . It should be noted that the veneers are used solely for aesthetic reasons .  Many dentists say that veneers  are to the teeth as the fake nails are to the  hand . They are created and developed primarily for cosmetic purposes and their goal is to achieve a more beautiful appearance of teeth .

Modern porcelain veneers are  developed 80ies   and to this day are considered as the most effective method for transforming the look of  teeth without any dental treatment. Cheap and above all quality materials that make up the veneer has enabled their application to become a massive and accessible , not only of Hollywood actors but also for the spectators  of Hollywood movies . Dentists are right when they say that with the help of veneers reveal hidden smiles.

TYPES veneers
Composite - direct veneers
- Made during a visit to the dentist
- Require minimal preparatory grinding
- Directly applied to the composite front side of teeth
- Are cheaper , but they have a limited shelf life
Aesthetic effect : GOOD
Veneers - porcelain veneers
- Are produced and placed in two visits to the dentist
- Require preliminary grinding of the front surface of teeth
- Are produced in the laboratory
- Cemented a special cement
- Long-lasting
- Aesthetic effect : excellent

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