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Visil Dentures


Vironite denture is a removable prosthetic device made of a metal alloy. The advantage of this type of denture compared to the classic acrylate dentures is that they are smaller, they break less, and the hooks are made of the same material as the denture itself. The main disadvantage of these dentures is that the hooks are very aggressive to the teeth they are hooked on. Due to this fact, it is necessary to protect those teeth by the ceramic crowns or bridges before the implantation of this type of denture.

Unfortunately, very often the hooks are not an acceptable solution for the patients mainly for the esthetical reasons. In that case we decide to implant the attachments in the body of both the denture and the bridge. The attachments make the connection between the denture and the bridge and are esthetically acceptable because they are absolutely invisible.

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